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Licensing Options


Some development shops are happy to license object code. Some development shops want complete control. With Network Ferret you can have it either way.


Network Ferret License Options


Object code license:


Network Ferret object code is licensed on a yearly subscription basis paid quarterly at the beginning of each quarter. The object code license includes support and all new releases. The level of support, regular business hours or 24x7, depends on the subscription fee. The Network Ferret source code is held in escrow with Iron Mountain and released under a few limited circumstances.


We support start-up companies and can create a graduated license that starts at one level while you are in development and switches to a higher level once you release your product and start generating sales.


Source code license:


Source code will be more expensive than the object code. Any deal requires a custom negotiation but will include some amount of face to face turnover with developers and free exchange of updates after the code is turned over.




Start off with an object code license and when you are comfortable with the workings of Network Ferret and the development staff is ready, take on the source code.


Custom code


AMT will gladly add features or support for devices that would benefit all users. Usually, all you need to supply is access to the equipment for testing. Work that is specific to a single customer will be done on a contract basic usually at an hourly rate.

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